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Balloon Plays Music Available! Final Show!

Ballon Plays Original Score cover imageSo you liked the original music in Balloon Plays?

Well you’re in luck!

Composers Sam Cooper and Michael Stettes (who play together in local band Sam Cooper & the Sleepwalkers) have made the music available  – you can stream it online to your heart’s content, or download it for $1.

Click here to hear the music.


Meanwhile, at DC Theatre Scene, Michael Kelly says he’d love to hang out with the Balloon Plays clowns after seeing the show.  So don’t be like Richard Barry, who is “sorry” he’ll be missing the show “Because balloons, of course!” – one more performance, this Sunday the 27th at 12:30pm!  Get your tickets here!


Reviews In – 5 Stars! And Show Photos!

Here’s all the reasons you’d ever need to come see Balloon Plays at Capital Fringe!  Three more shows: today (Saturday July 19th) at 4:30, Wednesday the 23rd at 7:45, and Sunday the 27th at 12:30pm!  Don’t miss it – tickets here.

DC Theatre Scene gives us 5 Stars: Pick of the Fringe!

“Wildly original clowning at its best, Balloon Plays captures both kids and adults in a state of sheer wonder with its magical simplicity.”

4 Stars from DC Metro Theater Arts!

“A delightful romp.”

And City Paper loves the show as well!

“Sure, you can pigeonhole Balloon Plays as “children’s theatre” — or you can, and should, think of it as a vehicle to transport yourself into [an] imaginative child’s mind.”

And if that’s not enough, here are some wonderful show photos, again thanks to Bobby Kintz of Second Glance Photography!

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First Show, “Just Plain Fun!” and Fancy Rehearsal Photos

Our first show happened and it was great! Audience members described it as “very silly” and “just plain fun,” which is how we like it. The kids came and laughed and took many a balloon with them. The adults came and laughed and probably wanted to take a balloon with them because who doesn’t enjoy a good balloon but they mostly left them for the kids. We popped the ones that were left and will blow up a whole new batch for the next show, tomorrow Tuesday July 15th at 8:15pm. Tickets still available – click here!

While we wait for official show images and reviews to serve up for you here on our website, here are some more photos from one of our last dress rehearsals, again thanks to Bobby Kintz of Second Glance Photography!

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