Reviews In – 5 Stars! And Show Photos!

Here’s all the reasons you’d ever need to come see Balloon Plays at Capital Fringe!  Three more shows: today (Saturday July 19th) at 4:30, Wednesday the 23rd at 7:45, and Sunday the 27th at 12:30pm!  Don’t miss it – tickets here.

DC Theatre Scene gives us 5 Stars: Pick of the Fringe!

“Wildly original clowning at its best, Balloon Plays captures both kids and adults in a state of sheer wonder with its magical simplicity.”

4 Stars from DC Metro Theater Arts!

“A delightful romp.”

And City Paper loves the show as well!

“Sure, you can pigeonhole Balloon Plays as “children’s theatre” — or you can, and should, think of it as a vehicle to transport yourself into [an] imaginative child’s mind.”

And if that’s not enough, here are some wonderful show photos, again thanks to Bobby Kintz of Second Glance Photography!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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